Ensuring your safety

We have developed an open sourced solution, "TOPO" app, that signifies a compatible and simple digital addressing system working across world. Consider the TOPO app as the unique code or digital identity for the accurate address of any place, business, building, apartment, road, government office, administrative area etc. The digital address is alphanumeric code uniquely recognizing an area and is linked to several details like door number, floor number, and so on.

How does the app work?

The Topo app can be downloaded on iOS, Android, and on Windows devices. When the app is open, you can explore for a particular area to get its Code or enter a known Code to locate the place.The app is aimed at providing precise and simple searching on Maps, as it has also launched 'Add an Address' feature. Furthermore, users will additionally get Local Guides details for every valid submission.

Who can benefit?

  • 1. Businesses
    • Solutions for logistics and supply chain challenges.
    • Utilize it for precise cab pick-up & drop off to doorsteps.
    • Include as your digital address in your business cards, email signatures, meeting invites, marketing security, and so on.
  • 2. Consumers
    • Utilize your X" app as your very own digital address.
    • Easy to save and share data with your friends and family when they need a simple method to see and get directions to your address.
  • 3. Government
    • Helpful on account of disaster management.
    • Link the app to Aadhaar to give holistic administration to all the citizens.
    • Guarantee governance and local services to every doorstep in your territory.

Security Features

    • When you use X app services, you’re entrusting us with your information as we have strong data encryption policies and regulations.
    • The app is built with robust security features - SSL Encryption which constantly secures your data and keeps it private while in transit.
    • We are using fraud detection algorithms to identify, prevent, or address fraud, technical, or security issues.
    • Complete security against data breaching as we don’t believe in selling your information to the third-party organization.
    • No auto-suggestions, a person will reach your location only if that person has an access to your full digital ID.