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Frequently asked questions

What is Topo id and it's use ?

Topo id is an unique name assigned to your physical address, you can easily remember Topo id and share it with your freinds/public over call, SMS or social networks and guide them to your location.

How to create digital address for my home, office or business?

Topo id is free and you can create it by downloading our App (click to download) or from website (click to create free id). You can create any number of digital addresses you want. We recommend to download our app as you can control privacy and can enjoy more featuers.

How to update my address?

Click edit icon on right side of view topo screen and move marker and update address.

How to delete my Topo id?

Click on trash icon on right side of view topo screen and delete. Note: won't get the deleted id back, if you are moving to new location, you can update new address without loosing Topo id which you love and remember easily.

How to share my Topo id?

Option 1:: click on forward icon in view topo screen and choose freinds from list and send your topo.
Option 2:: click on share icon in view topo screen and choose app you want like whatsapp, message, mail and more and send it.
Option 3:: browse your topo from any web browser and click on icons below the map to share it.

How to request friend's address?

Click on REQUEST option home menu, then select friend from list, type message (send me your office address) and send it. Your freind will receive a request and he/she will send you the address you requested.

What is INSTANT Topo?

Instant topos are temperory topos, they will be erased after 12 hours automatically. Example:: you went outside for party/event, without creating any topo, you can send your location to your friends/public to guide there.

How to protect Topo?

During creation/updation of Topo, you can choose public/Private option in form. If you set Topo as private, people will send you access requests. You can give them access for 3 hours, 12hours, 24 hours and always.

Whats is use of Topo PIN?

Topo pin a 4 digit id, which is used to authenticate during online shopping. You can change it by clicking on your profile image on left-top of your home screen.

How to check who is arriving to my place?

You will get a notification when someone clicked on navigation. You can track their live location on map. ARRIVING list will appear in your home screen when someone coming to your places.

How to check and update/revoke people access to my Topos?

If your Topo is private, eye icon will appear on right-top in view topo scree. click on that icon to get list of people who is having access to that Topo and you can revoke or update their access.

How to logout from app?

If you are looking for logout option, we are really sorry for that. Currently we don't have logout feature in our app.