Embed location picker widegt with in your web page

collect your customers digital address without redirecting them to another web page and save time and increase conversion rate.

Add below div tag inside body tag

<div id="topo_location_picker" api_key="your_api_key"     ></div>

Add below below javascript file before ending of body tag
<script src="https://d29zf19g44b693.cloudfront.net/Topo/Assets/embed/topo_v1.js"></script>

Then below map will appear in your website/blog

on success, we will call below function

function topoAddressSuccess(_topoData)
     // _lat,_lng,_address,_city,_pincode,_flat,_country,_qr . ex: _topoData['lat']

Example, click above Set Delivery Location button, data will be populated below