About us
Intro and Values

TOPO is a digital platform with a pioneering idea of digitalizing addresses worldwide. Krishna Reddy the Co-founder and COO at TOPO has always been a digital enthusiast who along with Anji Reddy (CEO – TOPO) launched TOPO on Jan 13th, 2018. Finding the exact address in a highly populous country like India can be frustrating. But things are about to change! The reason is Topo! The relentless efforts of Topo team have given hopes to 4 billion people who are living without proper street address.

We launched DhiviTopo Technologies with the prime aim to bring the revolution in terms of addressing and location finding, which quickly grasped the surroundings as “TOPO- App for All”. We call it “App for All”, as it can help the end user as well as the other functioning businesses. We commenced our interactive portal as topo.world No matter whether you need help with directions for transportation or looking out for a delivery, the TOPO- app can be your saviour.

Core Values of Topo

Our core values are our pillars of strength. The prime purpose was to ease up the complex distant most rural and urban areas. And when it comes to a growing country like India, we cannot compromise on addressing and locations. Thus, TOPO digital addressing system aids in web mapping technology. These services are enhancing the marketing and logistics around the nation. TOPO believes in some core values of technology revolution, these include:

    • Innovation
    • Boldness
    • Aggressiveness
    • Quality